The Post-Damn Laser Test (The Miracle Of Lasers)

This is the 21st Century.

A junkie excited said
“They can work miracles with lasers.”
Oh yeah,
but who doesn’t work lasers
these days –
bagel lasers,
laser breath,
genitalia lasers,
Genitalia Romano lasers.
670 times last week
the newspaper printed “Lasers”,
and only 33 times
did it print “laser”,
as in “his laser”,
          “her laser”,
“he burned his throat
swallowing her laser”,
“the phaser at the local electro concert
was short-circuited
by another dyno-laser”,
reported Shelby MacLaser
in her Entertainment Review.
Leave it up to a junkie
to ponder the Miracle of Lasers.
No, seriously, let them.
Let them lead the innovation.

Let us be courageous in our new
and shiny days.

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