South Of All Other Women (It Is Galacious, Galacious)

the silicon breasts I’ve never had,
the moon light glow in my peripheral.
and then a planet has been settled.
So, if I talk of a time before the World,
you must personify
lovely creatures of the ocean’s rumbling
          in the beginning.
What are oceans?
What’s the beginning?
What creatures?
. . . The waves?

She brought the waves from
          her south of the Equator upbringing
and a Spanish-Latino genome
and spilled them like the unfolding of old cathedrals
          and the sun upon old cathedrals
. . . to my eyes.

The stars look different
when you are south of all other women,
in the middle of her ocean,
calling from a planet
like La Guitarra of The Cosmos.

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