About Lovers Of The Century

Nova and Blue Bleuets and Fairfax, California in 1999

I originally wrote Lovers Of The Century in 1999 at the age of 22. I spent that year studying Hindustani music in Northern California, reading lots of 20th century lyric poetry, and falling in love with one of my instructors at the University of North Texas. LOTC is a coming of age collection, filled with a mix of love poems and irreverent social commentary. It's a snapshot of the economic, consumerist, and spiritual dissonance of the fast approaching 21st century.

The book was originally published in a low volume of 40 copies that I shared with close friends. It was written mostly in Denton, TX and Marin County, CA, with a handful of pieces written in Colorado, Oregon, and Fort Worth. My good friend Rick Perry designed and formatted the original print version. The typography and layout of this web version replicates the feel of that original edition.

- Nova tuqMairtin


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